Sunday 4/22

5:30pm Sunday Mass on Campus in the Pogue Theater.

Tuesday 4/24

8pm Bible Study in Pogue room 308

Wednesday 4/25

11am-12pm Tabling at the Edinboro Health Fair. All of the campus ministries are sharing a table. The entire event is from 11am to 3pm. 

8pm  CatholicScots Night at the CatholicScots House. We will meet in the Pogue Lobby by the front doors at 8pm to carpool over. The Scots house is 128 Sunset Drive in Edinboro, right next to Our Lady of the Lake. This is the best time to learn about the Faith and pray together. And there is always food at the house. 

Thursday 4/26

8:30pm Eucharistic Adoration on Campus in Pogue Student Center room 310. This is a time to come before Jesus and pray. There will be time for both music and silent prayer. 

Sunday 4/29

5:30pm Sunday Mass on Campus in the Pogue Theater.

Who Are CatholicScots?

We're Catholic. We want to follow Jesus Christ. Our spiritual lives are built on the Scriptures, the Sacraments, and all of the wisdom that the Church has to offer from its two thousand year history. 

We will also welcome anyone regardless where they're coming from. Anyone seeking to know more about who Catholics are and what we believe can come to us.

We are a community of college students trying to enjoy the life that God gave us. We are also preparing for the mission that He has given us and seeking to grow in holiness so that we can live out God's plan for our lives.