Our Parish Staff



Rev. Daniel R. Hoffman

E-mail: radiantjoy2009@icloud.com

Phone: 814-734-3113 x101

Permanent Deacon

David Romanowicz 

E-mail: 4thromand@gmail.com

Parish Office

Kimberly Boal & Julie Dell, Parish Office Managers

E-mail: ololchurch.office@gmail.com

Phone: 814-734-3113 x100

Larry Kerr, Parish Maintenance

Phone: 814-734-3113 x106

Religious Education

Mary Rose (Bunnie) Shinsky, Coordinator

Email: ololcrems@gmail.com

Phone: 814-734-3113 x 102

CatholicScots Campus Ministry

Campus Minister

Email: catholicscots@gmail.com

Phone: 814-734-3113 x104

Thrifty Threads Store

Cynthia Kuhn, Store Manager


Phone: 814-734-5268 or 814-734-3113 X105

Ministry to the Homebound

Deacon David Romanowicz, Coordinator

Email: 4thromand@gmail.com

Phone: 814-734-3113